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           is the premiere online magazine for serious musicians.

Our mission is to provide serious musicians with the most in-depth, professionally written product reviews of pro-level musical instruments and recording tools, as well as to provide outstanding artist interviews, in-depth tutorials, and an online community for musicians to participate in.

What is a “Serious Musician?”

At, we consider serious musicians to be the ones who are:
  • Playing/performing in bands at a professional level or aspiring to play at a professional level
  • Passionate about their music
  • Regularly spending money to purchase high-quality instruments and equipment for playing and/or collecting
  • Constantly striving to improve their abilities and musicianship

Who We Are

Scott Kahn, Editor in Chief & CEO, was the co-founder and associate editor of Korg Connection, the first official user group publication for users of Korg musical instruments. During a decade of work in Silicon Valley, CA, Scott wrote professionally for computer industry publications including PC Week Magazine and NewMedia Magazine. Scott is a pro guitar player and founder of the modern rock band, Beyond Tomorrow, and a producer with many independent CD credits.

Scott is also author of the popular Hal-Leonard book, Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects.

Scott first launched in 1998 as a simple site for hosting musicians' classifieds, but he knew that when the time was right, he would turn his attention to building into an online magazine that was focused on the products/instruments that pro-level musicians would really care about. In March 2006, was officially re-launched as the online magazine you are now reading.

Jason Buchwald, Senior Keyboards Editor, is a Phoenix, AZ area professional keyboard player.. Besides CD credits for his piano and synth abilities, Jason was the co-founder of the progressive rock band, Days Before Tomorrow, and is also an accomplished vocal arranger for A Capella groups.

Derek Davodowich, Senior Guitar & Bass Editor, is a professional guitar player, Berklee graduate, and guitar instructor located in New Jersey. He is a member of the prog rock band Days Before Tomorrow.

Eric Sands, Drums & Percussion Editor, wrote for Korg Connection and years later went on to co-found two popular online drum communities, and Both of these sites became leading sources of information and news for serious electronic drummers and percussionists. Eric is an accomplished rock and jazz drummer, keyboard player, and computer engineer.

John Quigley, Senior Guitar Editor, is a professional guitar player and member of the NJ classic rock cover band Side Effects.

Joseph Dubbiosi, Bass Editor, is a professional bassist and violinist, music instructor, and session player based in the NY metro area.

Josh Gannet, Recording Tech Editor, is the chief engineer at Skunk Hollow Recordings, as well as a professional freelance recording engineer throughout the NY metropolitan area.

Tony Grund, Keyboards Editor, is a NY-based electronic musician, producer, and music technology consultant. Besides recording music with his bands, Echostream and Unicorn Smack, Tony is a partner in the independent label, Force of Change Records, and a recording instructor at the SAE Institute in Manhattan.





    —Editorial Department—

    Scott Kahn, Editor in Chief


    Senior Editors (Guitar and Bass)

    John Quigley

    Derek Davodowich

    Senior Editor
    (Keyboards & Recording Tech)

    Tony Grund

    Senior Editor (Keyboards)

    Jason Buchwald

    Senior Drums Editor

    Eric Sands

    Bass Editor

    Joe Dubbiosi

    Copy Editor & Writer

    Rebecca Francese

    —Art Department—
    Designer, Stephen Carlson

    —Advertising & Reprint Sales—

    —Contributing Writers—
    Daniel Morrell
    Christopher Golinski
    John Montalbano
    Tim D'Agostino
    Dan Tamberelli
    Jason Gianni
    Josh Gannet

    —Editorial Inquiries—

    —Other Information—

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