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Guitar Players
Publication Date Artist Genre
June 2014 Andy Summers: Guitar Hero Rock
September 2013 Marco Sfogli: Truly Remarcoble Instrumental Rock/Fusion
June 2013 Orianthi: Guitar Love Rock/Blues/Pop
May 2013 Paul Gilbert Interviews Andy Timmons Instrumental Rock
January 2013 Prashant Aswani: Shredder of Epic Proportions Instrumental Rock
October 2012 Trevor Rabin: Soundtracks, Jacaranda, and, oh, Yes... Instrumental Rock
April 2012 Joel Hoekstra: From Broadway to the Arena Hard Rock
October 2011 John Petrucci: This is the Interview Prog Metal
June 2011 Neal Morse: The Interview Blew Them All Away Progressive Rock
November 2010 Zoltan Bathory — Five Finger Death Punch Metal
October 2010 Steve Morse Fusion, Rock, Acoustic
July 2010 Gus G. — Ozzy Osbourne's Screamin' New Shredder Metal
April 2010 Warren DeMartini: Dangerous But Worth The Interview Metal, Hard Rock
October 2009 Dweezil Zappa: Guitars, Gear, and Learning to Play the Most Eccentric Music in Rock Progressive Rock
April 2009 Steve Rothery: Asylum Interview #1 Progressive Rock
April 2009 Yngwie Malmsteen: How Swede it is! Instrumental Metal, Neo-classical Rock
December 2008 Tony MacAlpine: Playing Like a Demon Instrumental Rock/Fusion
June 2008 The Guitar Wizardry of Oz Noy Jazz/Fusion
April 2008
Steve Stevens: Killer Tone and Style on Memory Crash
Instrumental Rock
January 2008 Richard Kruspe: Emigrate Alt/Metal
July 2007
Steven Wilson: Fear of a Blank Interview
Progressive Rock
June 2007
John Petrucci: The “Too Many Guitars” Interview
Progressive Metal
April 2007
Steve Rothery: Marillion's King of Guitar Town
Progressive Rock
December 2006 John Norum: Europe Hard Rock
October 2006 Robin Trower: Crossing the Bridge of Sighs Blues
August 2006 Eric Johnson: In Full Bloom Instrumental Rock
June 2006 Surfing With Satch: The Joe Satriani Interview Instrumental Rock
May 2006 Andy Timmons: Dangerously Talented Instrumental Rock
March 2006
An Evening With Dream Theaterís John Petrucci
Progressive Metal

Bass Players
Publication Date Artist Genre
June 2014` Rob Giles: Bass and more with Circa Zero Rock/Pop
January 2014 John Myung — Dream Theater Progressive Metal
March 2012 Chris Squire — Yes, an Interview. Progressive Rock
December 2010 Colin Edwin — Porcupine Tree Progressive Rock
March 2010
Will Lee: The World's Most Dangerous Bass Player
Jazz & Pop/Rock
April 2007
Marillion's Pete Trewavas: If His Bass Were A Ball...
Progressive Rock

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