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BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion
Prepare to be as surprised as we were with this one. It's a great sounding distortion device that may be housed in a familiar box, but it doesn't sound or react like a pedal.

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live Professional Loadbox & Cabinet Simulator
Whether you need the ability to record direct from your tube amp (and have it sound miked), send a cabinet simulated output to the front-of-house for your live show, or just want to crank your amp in the middle of the night while you shred through a set of headphones, the Torpedo Live is the must-have product for every pro guitar rig.

Carvin DC600
This could be the first time an electric guitar earned a perfect four stars in every review category. Find out why this is such a killer shred machine!

Decibel Eleven Pedal Palette
The Pedal Palette enters new territory for floor-based audio loopers, enabling you to swap pedal order on-the-fly. Wow!


Tech 21 VT Bass 1969 Amplifier
The VT Bass 1969 is packed with a wide range of fantastic bass amp tones ranging from vintage Ampeg to modern rock.

Audio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless
Your bass will sound as good as wired through this system, and the price is fantastic for players on a budget or just curious about getting into wireless.

Carvin PB5 Five-String Bass
Once again, Carvin built us an outstanding bass for review. If you crave a P-style bass but want to take things to the next level, you've got to check this one out.


John Bowen Design Solaris
Did legendary synth builder John Bowen saved his crowning achievement for the days after all those other classic synths?


Blue Microphones The Blue Drum Kit Kit
Forget about the tongue twister of a name. This is a kick-ass microphone package for drum recording!


Arturia iSEM Synthesizer
Aturia does a great job recreating vintage synths, and this latest synth for iOS delivers the classic Oberheim SEM.

Listening To and Reading

Latest CD Reviews
New CDs from prog metal masters, Dream Theate; a tale of two Queensryches; Black Sabath retun; Sound of Contact deliver out-of-this-world prog rock, and Jimmy Eat World grow up.

Great books about producing bands/recordings and an amazing collection of letters written by John Lennon.

Check this space every week for additions!

The Not So Distant Past...


Audio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless
Your guitar will sound as good as wired through this system, and the price is fantastic for players on a budget or just curious about getting into wireless.

Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe
Can new contender Decibel Eleven find its way onto pro pedalboards dominated by another company's witchcraft? We say, Yes!

Ibanez AT-10P Premium Andy Timmons
One of the mostly anticipated guitars of the year, we put Andy's signature guitar to the test. How close does this Premium series guitar come to his Japanese model?


Carvin Brian Bromberg B25 5-String
Easily one of the finest electric bass guitars we have ever reviewed!


Dave Smith Mopho x4 Synth
Never before has polyphonic Dave Smith tone mojo... err...make that tone mopho... been so affordable.

Rob Papen Blade Synth
Every now and then, along comes a new synth that isn't trying to sound like a classic. Blade cuts its own path, and it's wicked sharp.


Audio-Technica AT4047/SV
Your mic locker can always use another classic sounding mic for vocal and instrument tracking. The AT4047/SV is one mic worthy of consideration.


IK Multimedia iRig HD
The guitar interface for iOS devices that launched a revolution gets a major update to support the latest devices.

Listening To and Reading

Latest CD Reviews
New CDs from guitar shredder Marco Sfogli; prog rock masterpieces from Steven Wilson, Marillion, and Amplifier; Rock from Orianthi and Kingdom Come, and more!



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