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Korg Pitchblack Pro Rack Tuner
Korg returns to the rack with an awesome new guitar and bass tuner that's perfect for the stage or the workbench.

Ibanez JEM77P Premium Electric Guitar
Steve Vai's iconic instrument finally gets the Premium treatment, and wow, is it ever a premium shred machine!

RJM Mastermind GT MIDI Foot Controller
When it's time to end the pedal tap dance and put your entire guitar rig under control, the RJM Music Technology Mastermind GT sets the benchmark for advanced functionality and extreme ease of use.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Ever wish you could bring all of your beloved amps to a gig, without any risk of damage, and without a need for roadies? Amp profiling may succeed where amp modeling has let you down. Incredible stuff here!


NS Design Radius CR5
The Radius is Ned Steinberger's latest headless bass design, and it's an exceptional instrument for the demanding professional.

Korg Pitchblack Pro Rack Tuner
Korg returns to the rack with an awesome new guitar and bass tuner that's perfect for the stage or the workbench.

Ibanez SR1405TE Premium
Ibanez builds a five-string, neck-thru bass in the Premium line and the results are outstanding.

Cort Jeff Berlin "The Rithimic" Bass
Fantastic signature instrument will make you rethink what you know about the brand.


Modartt Pianoteq 5
If you need great sounding acoustic piano but can't dedicate space on your laptop's SSD drive to a huge sample library, Pianoteq's modeled piano approach may be perfect, especially since it now sounds as good as the alternatives.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12
Hands down, this is easily one of the finest hybrid digital/analog synths ever made.

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2
Who needs a twelve-voice polysynth when you have less? Huh? Sometimes, maybe less is more...

Casio Privia Pro PX-5S
At a glance, you'd think it's just another stage piano—and a good one at that! But as it turns out, the PX-5S is a pretty powerful synthesizer and ROMpler, too.

Live Sound

Shure Beta 87a & 87c Microphones
Two microphones, nearly identical, but with very different results. Which one will benefit your vocalist?

Cerwin-Vega XD5 Desktop Speakers
& XD8s Subwoofer

Need a set of decent speakers and sub for your non-studio computer workspace? Most desktop computer speakers suck. These don't.


Avid Pro Tools
Despite being the studio standard digital audio workstation, thousands of artists work on other DAWs. Our in-depth review takes a complete look at Pro Tools today to see whether or not it is worthy of retaining the championship title.

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3
Tired of wasting countless hours manually time-aligning stacks of vocal or instrument tracks by hand? There is an easier way, here, along with a few other handy plug-ins sure to enhance your mix experience.

Waves Gold Plug-In Bundle
When it comes to tracking or mixing your next session, there's a reason all of the pros working in-the-box reach for the gold...


Arturia iSEM Synthesizer
Aturia does a great job recreating vintage synths, and this latest synth for iOS delivers the classic Oberheim SEM.

Listening To and Reading

Latest CD and Book Reviews
Great new musical releases from Steven Wilson, Steve Rothery, The Neal Morse Band, Revolution Saints, Extreme, Simple Minds, Ghost of Boris, Nickelback, Dave Kerzner, Lonely Robot, Delain, and books from Alan Parsons, and Bon Jovi tour photographer David Bergman.


Check this space every week for additions!

The Not So Distant Past...


Ibanez JBM100 Jake Bowen Signature Guitar
Hard rockers and shredders unite! You don't even have to be a fan of Periphery to love this unique solidbody.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer
To call this multi-effects processor a pedal really doesn't quite do it justice.


Hofner Club 500/2 Club Fretless Custom Bass
You say you want a revolution? Get your hands on this classic beauty and let the fun begin.


MOTU MIDI Express XT Patchbay
Need a MIDI patchbay to connect all of your synths, sound modules, and computer? Thank goodness the only company left making these devices does such a good job!

Samson SM10 Line Mixer
If you've got a keyboard rig, this fantastic mixer may be exactly what you need to handle all of those audio outputs.

Roland V-Comobo VR-09 and
RD-64 Digital Stage Piano

Roland unleashes a pair of keyboards designed to be all that the gigging musician on a budget needs.

Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 Pro
It's time to take a stand! Or, at leasttake a fresh look at revisions and updates to the classic stand you probably own at least one of already.

K&M Spider Pro
Can you stand the excitement? Two stand reviews in one month! We love having multiple options for our keyboard rigs, and this one's super cool!


PreSonus Sceptre S8 CoAxial Monitor Speakers
Great sounding monitors with unique design may be just what your pro studio needs.


IK Multimedia iRig HD
The guitar interface for iOS devices that launched a revolution gets a major update to support the latest devices.

Latest CD and Book Reviews
Great new musical releases from Winger, Paul Gilbert, Marco Minnemann, Udi Levy, In Flames, Rush, Fire Garden, and the essential book, Music 4.0, byBobby Owsinksi.



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