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A True Classic is Reborn

San Diego, CA – January 2008 —Carvin, recognized worldwide by musicians and audio professionals for its high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, is pleased to re-introduce the X-100B Guitar Amp. From its first introduction in 1981 until it went out of production in the early 90’s, the X-100B generated tones that satisfied adventurous guitarists like Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and Alex Lifeson to name a few. Now, the Carvin X-100B has been reincarnated, using the same tube circuitry as the original. Players seeking to rediscover tones from the past will appreciate the attention to detail while creating their own sounds with the X-100B.

Like its predecessor, the X-100B Series IV is a 2-channel, 100 watt tube amp with reverb—available as a head unit or as a combo with dual 12-inch speakers. A High Gain mode on the Lead channel and a Bright mode on the Rhythm channel enable variations of the amp’s wide tone palette. Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence controls are augmented with a powerful 5-band EQ that is assignable to lead or rhythm channel. The unique RMS Power switch enables one to choose between 100-, 50-, and 25-watt settings, making it easier to overdrive the power amp stage for creative expression.

The newly reconfigured XLR Direct Out captures the X-100B’s power amp dynamics. Other new features include a Master volume control with mute mode that can be alternately set for a foot-switchable volume Boost. Heavy-duty toggle switches replace push-pull pots that could be easily bumped, and were typically difficult to repair. The optional four-function FS-44L footswitch with LED indicators offers switching of channel, reverb, effect Loop, and boost/mute functions. A quarter-inch jack for using the basic 2-button FS-22 footswitch (optionally available) is also provided. As the voice of many innovative guitarists, the X-100B offers a variety of creative tones that many of today’s guitarists are searching for. Based on his experience using the X-100B in his days with Frank Zappa and as a solo artist, virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai chose to work with Carvin to design his signature amp, the Legacy, in 1999. Other notable users of the Carvin X-100B have included Craig Chaquico (Starship), Earl Slick (David Bowie), Steve Bartek (Oingo Boingo), Marty Friedman and Jason Becker (Cacophony), Vinnie Vincent (Kiss), Izzy Stradlin (Guns ‘n Roses), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Howard Leese (Heart) and the legendary Roy Clark.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company’s X-100B series IV Guitar Amp, “The X-100B has quite a pedigree of both live performance and recording history. Today, people are rediscovering the sounds of innovative guitarists like Frank Zappa, who used the X-100B extensively. Now, players can own a brand new amp with the same tones as the original, with the inherent flexibility that lets the player create their own sounds.”

The Carvin X-100B series IV Guitar Amp carries a direct price of $699.00 for the head unit and $799.00 for the dual 12-inch combo. Both models will be available March 2008. ..

About Carvin Since its launch in 1946, Carvin has specialized in building and selling high quality musical instrument products direct to the consumer. The company’s innovative factory-direct approach has grown from a catalog mail order service into a large-scale manufacturing / retail business with a strong Internet presence. Today, Carvin customers can instantly purchase everything from customized, handcrafted instruments to tour-ready professional audio systems. With over 60 years of achievement, Carvin continues to grow its relationship with musicians worldwide by offering an extensive range of guitars, basses, instrument amps, recording, and P.A. products. For additional information or to order, visit the company online at or call 800-854-2235.

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