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Electric Guitars

- Aristides 010
- Carvin CT624 California Carved Top
- Carvin CT6M
- Carvin DC600
- Carvin Allan Holdsworth HH2 Headless
- Charvel Warren DeMartini Dinky (Snake)
- D'Angelico EX-SS Archtop
- EVH Wolfgang Stealth
- Fender American Elite Stratocaster 2016
- Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker
- Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster
- Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar
- Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster
- Fender Vintage Hot Rod '57 Stratocaster
- Flaxwood 3S-T Haarii Special

- Gary Kramer Guitar Cathedral Deluxe Guitar
- Godin Progression Boutique USB
- Ibanez AT10P Premium Andy Timmons Electric Guitar
- Ibanez JBM100 Jake Bowen Signature Guitar
- Ibanez JEM77P Premium Steve Vai Signature Guitar
- Ibanez Joe Satriani JS20S, JS2400, JSBDG
- Ibanez RG927QM-RDT 7-String
- Ibanez RGIF7 Multi Scale
- Ibanez RGT42DXFM-TLF Guitar

- Ibanez RGT320Z Prestige
- Ibanez S Prestige S5470Q
- Jackson Soloist SL2H-MHAQ
- Knaggs Kenai T3
- Knaggs SSC Steve Stevens
- Music Man John Petrucci JP6

- Music Man John Petrucci JPXI
- Music Man Steve Morse SM-Y2D
- Parker MaxxFly DF524 (Dragonfly) Guitar

- Paul Reed Smith P22
- Paul Reed Smith P245

- Sandberg California ST-S
- Suhr Modern
- Suhr Pro Series S2
- Taylor 2008 SolidBody Electric Guitars
- Taylor 2010 SolidBody Electric Guitars
- Taylor T3/B Bigsby Semi-hollow Guitar
- Vigier Excalibur Shawn Lane Master Signature
- Vigier G.V. Rock Guitar
- Washburn HM Series WM526 Guitar
- Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4 XX Guitar
- XOXAudio Tools "The Handle" Carbon Fiber Guitar

Acoustic and Acoustic-Electric Guitars

- Acoustic-Electric Hybrids: Babicz Octane,
Ovation VXT, Taylor T5

- Babicz Identity Series Acoustic (DRW-06)
- Eastman Grand Concert Series AC708CE
- LightWave Atlantis Electroacoustic

- Sierra Guitars Tahoe Series SJS98CE Acoustic
- Taylor 610ce Acoustic Electric
- Taylor 614ce Acoustic Electric
- Taylor 816ce Grand Symphony Acoustic Electric
- Taylor T5 12-String Electric-Acoustic Guitar




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