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    Book Report: “Pro Tools 7 Overdrive! Expert Quick Tips”
By Shari Lynn Deutsch

3.5 Stars
    “Pro Tools 7 Overdrive! Expert Quick Tips” by Matthew Donner, is a great book for Pro Tools users at every skill level. For the new engineer, both basic and advanced features are covered with numerous usage examples. For the seasoned user, we found the book invaluable in unearthing areas of Pro Tools that we hadn’t seen before – which will come in handy at your next engineer bragging party!

The book features chapters on almost every area of Pro Tools including editing, file/session management, mixing, composing and mixing to picture. Each chapter includes quick tips, shortcuts with practical application, as well as commentary from professional audio engineers.

The first chapter seemed deceptively simple because its focus dealt with optimizing your Mac for using Pro Tools, but not to worry – there's also detailed instructions for Windows users throughout. The hints are comprehensive, with step-by-step instructions and useful illustrations, sometimes referring back to earlier versions of the software as well as explaining what is new and different in Pro Tools version 7.0.

We recommend sitting by your computer while reading this book. The ideas are easy to follow, but the instructions can be intensive (as they should be) given the advanced uses of the application, and you’ll want to experiment with them while reading. The chapters are well organized and detailed in the Table of Contents, ensuring that we will keep this book near our computers for quick reference. You never know when a client will ask for something you haven’t tried before, and in a few short minutes, you’ll look like you had been performing that task for years.

The time saved by the shortcuts pay for the book over and over again. Each reader will take away something completely different from this book, and it’s much faster and easier to get answers from this book than sitting around with your buddies talking shop (not to mention the book won’t make fun of you for not knowing how to do something seemingly basic). Even experienced Pro Tools users are guaranteed to learn some new tips or tricks that may change how they work with this essential studio application.

Read a few tips and see some of the book in this excerpt from “Pro Tools 7 Overdrive! Expert Quick Tips” courtesy of Thomson Course Technology PTR.

Thomson Course Technology PTR

Shari Lynn Deutsch is a broadcast engineer for CBS and a freelance audio engineer in the NY metropolitan area. Contact her at
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